Bonorong helps Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations go a bit wild


We are a little bit excited about this!

What a way to share our precious wildlife with the world.


"IMAGES of a Tasmanian joey trying to get into his mother’s pouch are set to become a centrepiece of Sydney’s multi-million dollar New Year’s Eve celebrations.

A selection of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary animals will be among the star attractions of the event that is expected to reach a global audience of more than one billion spectators through international broadcasts and online views.

Filmed by award-winning Tasmanian cameraman Pete Harmsen, the three, five-minute videos of the joey and its mum, plus an albino possum, a Tasmanian devil, an echidna, a koala and a blue tongue lizard will be part of the audio visual display beamed onto the 89m high pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge."

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