Bonorong in the Washington Post


We recently had a visit to the Sanctuary from freelance writer, editor and chocolate lover Eagranie Yuh, and she wrote this wonderful profile piece on our devil 'retirement village'. (The photo in this post is also hers). Thanks, Eagranie!

It’s December in Tasmania, and my shoulders are baking in the late afternoon sun as Greg Irons, the owner and director of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, climbs into an enclosure with two Tasmanian devils. Prince and Prada, a male and a female, are siblings that were hand-raised at Bonorong after their mother abandoned them.

Prince is reluctant to emerge from his burrow, but Prada ambles up to Irons and climbs in his lap. “Look at this, the ferocious Tasmanian devil,” he says. “You’ve been a good girl today, haven’t you, sausage?” he asks, scratching the top of her head. Her white whiskers quiver...

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