TasTAFE Graduation and Awards Night


We are proud to be the TasTAFE provider for Certificates II and III in Animal Studies, and with that privilege comes the fun of having our awards night! All our past, current and graduating students from 2015 were invited along to our Graduation and Awards Night in March to celebrate their achievements.

We think graduating is an awesome achievement in itself, but extra congrats go to the following students who received awards:

  • Alicia Thompson - 2015 Certificate II Animal Studies PY10 Student
  • Kate Smith - 2015 Certificate II Animal Studies Adult Student
  • Melissa Gard & Taylor McGlashan - 2015 Certificate III Animal Studies Students
  • Lisa Guia - Internship Certificate II Animal Studies Student Award
  • Heather Forbes - Certificate II Encouragement Award

Well done!

An extra congratulations to Melissa Gard winning the Primary Employers Tasmania Primary industries and Science Award at the TasTAFE Student Excellence awards night in March.

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