Tarkine Tassie Devil Survey

A healthy Tasmanian Devil in the Tarkine region.

A healthy Tasmanian Devil in the Tarkine region.

Bonorong's Tarkine Trails are assisting the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania in their fight to save Tasmanian devils from extinction.

We have now completed a 5 year study where we operated motion-sensitive cameras throughout the rainforests and coastlines of the Tarkine in order to monitor previously unknown and increasingly precious devil populations.

We are now at the stage of reviewing this immense cache of footage and completing the final report. You can see a selection of photos on the Tarkine Trails website.

Our preliminary findings show that the Tarkine is one of the last areas in Tasmania where our devils are free from the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). This is a fantastic news for these devils, and for future research if the disease spreads to this area, to see the effect of the disease on both the devils and the surrounding ecosystem.