Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the other pages on this website have answered most of your queries - but just in case we missed something, here are some of our frequently asked questions.

I am interested in caring for wildlife. How do I go about this?

Tasmania (and the rest of Australia!) is always in need of passionate, dedicated people to help care for wildlife. Wildlife carers are managed wholly by the State Government, but we’d be happy to provide you with more information. Please email us so we can send you more information.

I brought an animal to you - how can I find out how it is going?

The Wildlife Rescue Service receives thousands of calls about injured and orphaned animals each year. Although we log each and every animal that is called in, sometimes these animals need to be sent to vets or wildlife carers for further treatment and it is difficult to track what happens to them once they leave us.

Feel free to contact us if you have a particular animal that you would like to enquire about, but please be aware we may not have all the information that you are after.

Will I be able to hold or cuddle your animals?

Due to strict wildlife regulations and as we are a Sanctuary, guests are not permitted to cuddle or hold our animals. If you join one of our daily tours or a private encounter, you may have the opportunity to pat an animal - however this is always at the animal's discretion. We never force our animals to interact with guests.

You will have the opportunity to gently hand-feed our Forester Kangaroos - they are very calm around people and welcome soft chest rubs.

Can I feed your animals?

Upon entry to the Sanctuary you will be given a complimentary bag of food for the kangaroos. They will love meeting you, eating out of your hand and being given a gentle scratch on the chest! However we ask that you do not feed anything else to the animals, as some of our human food can be harmful to wildlife. We are trying to keep a careful eye on their diet in order to keep them healthy.


While we try to ensure that our sanctuary is accessible to everyone, we also have a responsibility to protect the health and well-being of the animals in our care. As dogs are natural predators to all our native animals, just the smell of them can be enough to cause animals to panic and injure themselves. For this reason, we are unable to allow assistance dogs into any part of the sanctuary.

The Discrimination Disability Act (1992) Section s54A Subsection 4b (Amendment Act 2008) explains the exemption on the grounds of animal welfare as follows:

“It does not render it unlawful for a person (the discriminator) to discriminate against the person with the disability on the ground of the disability, if:

(a)    The discriminator reasonably suspects that the assistance animal has an infectious disease; and

(b)    The discrimination is reasonably necessary to protect public health or the health of other animals.”

Please feel free to contact us on info@bonorong.com.au if you would like to discuss this further.

Can you bring your animals to my event?

It is very stressful for an animal to be transported, and we do not take any of our animals offsite unless they require veterinary attention. The only exception is on Christmas day, when the owners will take an orphan wombat joey for a short visit to the children's ward at our local hospital.

I'm arriving in Hobart on a cruise ship - how do I get to bonorong?

When cruise ships are in port, there are shuttle buses that come directly out to Bonorong from the Travel & Information Centre on Davey Street (800m from the cruise terminal).

We recommend using one of these as the public buses are not direct and take quite a long time.

The shuttle buses can sell out on the day so we advise you pre-booking via the Tasmanian Travel & Information Centre, Hobart. Most of the shuttle companies do not include entry to the Sanctuary but you can pay this when you arrive at the front entrance.

For groups, private tour buses can also be chartered on the day. Provision for this is made outside the cruise terminal on Hunter Street where accredited operators gather and you can negotiate a trip to Bonorong with them.

Are you open public holidays?

We are open every day of the year, 9am to 5pm. This usually includes Christmas Day but it is best to contact us and check just in case.

How long will it take me to see all the animals?

Most guests will be able to see the Sanctuary in about an hour. However, visitors with mobility issues or those wishing to see the park in more depth should allow more time. If you would like to join one of our daily public tours please allow an additional 45 minutes.

Do I have to pay to take photos of the animals?

No, we do not charge for photographs of any of the animals.