Good luck Noddy!

We would like to share with you the most wonderful rehabilitation story about a King Penguin that was nicknamed "Noddy".

Noddy was found in a very unwell state on the Tasman Peninsula in south east Tasmania. Luckily she was rescued promptly and went into care with local seabird expert and wildlife carer Lesley Kurek.

Lesley took the penguin to see the wonderful team at the Mayfair Veterinary Clinic and it was determined she had a lung infection as well as being quite emaciated 😔

After weeks of intensive care and supportive nutrition Lesley had done the most incredible job of getting Noddy's health back on course. Noddy then decided to go in to "moult" (which penguins do once a year). Unlike most birds that will moult a few feathers at a time, penguins moult all of their feathers all at once in a short space of time (around 3 weeks) - which is quite a sight to see! They are not waterproof during this time, so Noddy had to stay put until her feathers had all grown back.

Noddy penguin.jpg

Once Noddy had finished moulting it was time for her to come to Bonorong to be tested in our large saltwater pool and have a final vet check in our Wildlife Hospital.

Noddy passed all her final health and fitness checks, which meant it was time for release! After 7 weeks of intensive rehabilitation it was an amazing sight to see this penguin back in the water where it belonged! 😃

A huge shout out to Lesley for the incredible rehabilitation effort with this bird. We are so pleased we could help in the small capacity we could, but this just shows you the sort of commitment and dedication that our local wildlife carers put in for animals in need - all voluntarily and off their own backs!