Wrap-up: Australasian Bat Society Workshop


Post by Lisa Cawthen

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary hosted a microbat rescue and rehabilitation as part of the 17th Australasian Bat Society Conference.

This was the first workshop of its kind in Tasmania, with the aim to educate Tasmanian carers, and bat society members, about the best techniques for rescuing and rehabilitating microbats.

Tasmania has eight species of micro-bat, many of which come into care. Microbats are one of Tasmania’s least understood mammals when in care.

With few bat carers in Tasmania, it is the Australasian Bat Society’s hope that this workshop would train future bat carers.

60 passionate people attended from throughout Tasmania, mainland Australia and overseas. The workshop was delivered by two dedicated bat carers that work in a dedicated bat hospital: Trish Wimberly and Rachel Lyons.

The workshop covered everything from personal protection to bat husbandry, and how a bat species physiology and ecology influences how it should be cared for.

Both Trish and Rachel spoke in depth about the techniques they had learnt over decades to decrease bat mortality in care. In particular, the importance of rehydration through subcutaneous injections and appropriate heating regimes for bats.

Participants were encouraged to join the Australian Microbat Rehabilitation Forum on Facebook, a closed group where carers can advise on bat care and rehabilitation, as well as the latest manual in microbat care and rehabilitation.