Exciting Partnership Announcement


Bonorong is very pleased to announce an exciting partnership with TasNetworks.

The company approached Bonorong with the prospect of helping injured raptors and it was decided that a focus was needed in developing specialised rehabilitation options at the Sanctuary.

Tas Networks have funded the building of three raptor holding facilities suitable for temporary care of all raptor species, whilst awaiting veterinary care or recovery. They are also funding two veterinarians to head interstate and undertake training in very specific areas of raptor rehabilitation, which will mean they can bring the knowledge they learn back to Tasmania and provide expert care for raptors.

Tas Networks also announced yesterday funding for research that will use GPS systems to monitor eagles and help build knowledge on how to prevent issues with raptors and power infrastructure in the future.

It is fantastic to see Tas Networks tackling raptor issues on so many fronts and their enthusiasm to assisting birds that need rehabilitation in general.

Next time you are at Bonorong take a look at our top carpark to see some of the mitigation measures in action that they have developed to help prevent incidents with power infrastructure.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you Tas Networks!