Jasper’s monthly update: June

Wombat 1

Can you believe we’ve had Jasper two months already? Neither can we. This little guy is growing big and strong, right to schedule - sitting at 1250g (doubling his weight since our last post!) and an estimated 6 months old.

He is covered in a layer of fine fur (about 1mm long) over most of his body, and his nose is almost completely brown now, although he’s still got those cute pink feet! His molars are well and truly here and those upper incisors are making themselves known.

He’s moved back to 5 feeds a day, allowing Linda a little bit of rest… and enough time to take on another baby wombat (more on that soon…)

If he was still with his mum at this point, he’d be starting to poke his head out of the pouch to check out what’s going on, but not venturing out further yet.

And if you watch his feet closely, you’ll see him make a “kneading” motion with his little feet when drinking. You might recognise this as an action that kittens often carry into adulthood:


Well, wombats do it too - and for the same reason! As a little one in the pouch, it helps get Mum’s milk production going. Thankfully, wombats don’t carry that habit into adulthood… that would be one scratched up mum/human.

As you can see, he’s developing into a handsome little boy - quickly winning everyone’s heart here at Bonorong!


Stay tuned for more Jasper updates next month.