September is Save the Koala month!


Did you know that September has been 'Save The Koala Month'?

And since today is the last day of September we thought we should do a shout out to our koala friends!

Koalas are not native to Tasmania, but they still need our help and protection.

Listed as a vulnerable species, habitat loss is the greatest threat to this furry icon. Approximately 80% of Australia's eucalyptus forests (which is what koalas call home) has been cleared, and of the remaining 20% almost none is protected & mainly occurs on privately-owned land.

There is currently no legislation, anywhere in the country, that can protect koalas and koala habitat in Australia.

Our friends at the Australian Koala Foundation are doing everything they can to help save this species. They can't do it alone though, so have a look at their website and see how you can help - https://www.savethekoala.com/

Photo thanks to Liz Pulo.