Happy Birthday Fred - 100 years old!

The Sanctuary has held a special birthday party for one of our residents 'Fred', who is a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. We were celebrating quite a milestone as Fred has turned 100 years old!

Fred's party was a fantastic success! We had loads of 'cockatoo themed' activities for kids such as face painting, colouring in competitions, mask making, tree planting, card making and lots of yummy party food! Everyone was also encouraged to wear yellow and white or actually dress up as a cocky and we had some very impressive efforts!

Thank you to all who came along and made it such a great day for our special man. Fred was absolutely over the moon with all the attention and his highlight was definitely his specially made birthday cake!

The Queen even acknowledged Fred's milestone and sent us a letter to wish him the best! As a result we had quite a bit of media attention from local television stations Win, ABC and Southern Cross News. The story has also hit national and international news which is very exciting for Fred and Bonorong!!

A huge thank you to Linda and the rest of our amazing fundraising team who organised Fred's entire party, made all of the birthday treats (including Fred's beautiful cake) and volunteered their time at the party as well. You are all such wonderful people!