Lochie the lucky sugar glider

Who is that peeking from his hollow?! ...It would be one very lucky little Sugar Glider named Lochie!

This little guy was the victim of a cat attack and was actually in the cats mouth when he was saved...hence being very, very lucky.

Lochie was badly injured when he first arrived and we didn't think he would pull through but after several weeks of rehabilitation he looks like he is on the road to recovery!

Gliders are quite remarkable little critters, weighing in at only around 100g (fully grown!) and as their name suggests they have the ability to glide through the air for up to 100 metres if need be. This remarkable talent is due to a flap of skin called a 'patagium' that stretches between their hands and feet, almost like a little kite!

Sugar gliders have also been the discussion topic of some recent news articles to suggest that they may be affecting populations of Swift Parrots, an interesting read if you didn't see it. http://theconversation.com/sugar-gliders-are-eating-swift-parrots-but-whats-to-blame-19555

Bonorong has a small resident colony of gliders that you can see whilst visiting. They are highly nocturnal though so the best time to see them zipping around their enclosure is on one of our guided night tours.