Wedge-tailed Eagle Release


This morning something pretty special happened out on the hills behind Bonorong. We had the pleasure of watching a Wedge-tailed Eagle being released back to the wild!

This eagle was a beautiful big female that had been rescued in the area after what was suspected to be a collision with power lines.

Unfortunately this is very common problem for eagles, but luckily for this girl, she has recovered fully from her injuries.

A huge shout out to Craig Webb (from Raptor and Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania - go check them out!) for the incredible job he has done rehabilitating this bird.

Did you know The female Wedge-tailed Eagle can weigh up to 5.7kg and have an average wingspan of 2 meters? They are pretty incredible.

The amazing photo of the release was captured by Indianna Massey. You can also watch a video of the release over on our Instagram account, captured by Liz Pulo.