Living in harmony with wildlife - cheeky possums!



Look at this cheeky little face! Yes it is the face of one very cute Brushtail Possum (an albino one at that) and we are sure that most of you are familiar with this species.

Often called 'Brushies' they are certainly very common in Tasmania and are frequent visitors to suburban areas as they are highly adaptable to a wide range of environments.

At different times of the year (quite often seasonal) we get many calls from annoyed members of the public that have got a possum living in their roof space or a possum getting in to their garden and they want the possum removed.

Possums are a protected species in Tasmania so cannot be harmed. They also cannot be relocated more then a short distance from where they have been found due to the territorial nature of other possums.

There are often easy solutions to possum proof your home and garden which means a happy result for both parties (the people and the possums!).

If you are having possum problems have a look at this great link which may give you some answers:


Fidget our resident Brushtail Possum (pictured) is a good ambassador for his species as he certainly knows how to charm guests with his cheeky personality!

When people learn about possums they do become rather fond of them and we certainly try to encourage people to find ways to live in harmony with all wildlife, including possums like Fidget! You can meet Fidget in person on our guided Night Tours or Feeding Frenzy Tours.