Three-legged echidna Randall out and about

Last week brought some exciting news for one of the Sanctuary's residents! Some of you may remember Randall the Echidna? Well Randall has been in rehab for almost a year after he was attacked by a dog. The attack left Randall in need of an emergency operation to amputate his severely bitten right front leg.

Despite all odds Randall made an amazing recovery and his stump has healed well. The last few months have been a process of Randall strengthening his stump so that he can still walk around on it with out risk of it getting any abrasions.

He has made amazing progress and last week the team at Bonorong felt comfortable to trial him in one of our large enclosures within the Sanctuary grounds.

This was well received by Randall and he has spent the past week exploring his new home and enjoying every minute of it!!

Randall will be a permanent resident here at Bonorong due to his missing front leg which will inhibit his ability to dig in the wild properly.

Come and meet Randall and listen to his story. The message he will help to spread will be one of responsible pet ownership and in Randall's case a focus on dogs.

Here's Randall as a youngster.