Rescued seabirds cooling off and growing up

Although today was a little cooler, Hobart has certainly had a pretty decent run of hot days over the past fortnight! We are sure many of you local Hobartians have had a visit or two to the beach? Well here at Bonorong our seabirds have certainly made full use of our 5 star seabird pool for all their hot weather needs!

Seabirds cooling off

Seabirds cooling off

If three of these Kelp Gulls look familiar (maybe minus a bit of fluff?) well this is Aqua, Hughie and Espa who were featured on facebook when they were first rescued and brought to the Sanctuary as little chicks! The fourth Gull is 'Storm' who was found 2 weeks after our trio came in to care but has since buddied up with them and they are now all good friends. Also we should mention that their is a fifth member of our gull family that didn't make it into this picture (it is quite a task getting all 5 at once!) and just so he doesn't get offended his name is 'Owen'. 

All 5 of our Kelp Gulls have actually just started to fly which means we will be planning their release over the coming few days, very exciting stuff for the Gulls (and for the keepers too!!)

We will be sure to keep you posted!